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Five Things You May Not Know About Choosing a Batch Glass Melt Furnace

by Deltech, Inc.

Deltech is a family owned and operated small business incorporated in 1968. In this article, they outline five considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a batch glass melt furnace.

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About Molydisilicide (MoSi2) Heating Elements

by Deltech, Inc.

Most Deltech furnaces are designed for maximum operating temperatures in the 1500-1800 deg C range and for operation in air, so molydisilicide heating elements are used because of their ability to quickly attain and sustain high temperatures and their affinity for oxidizing atmospheres

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Grant Funds Development of Improved Nanoscale Additive Manufacturing

by John Toon

A new Department of Energy grant will fund research to advance an additive manufacturing technique for fabricating three-dimensional (3D) nanoscale structures from a variety of materials. Using high-speed, thermally-energized jets to deliver both precursor materials and inert gas, the research...

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Make: Aeromatic E-140  Price: Please Call
Model:  E-140 Description:  One pre owned Aeromatic E-140 Extruder, Unit is rated to extrude between 3-4 Kg/Minute.  Unit is on casters for portability.  Motor Spe ...
Ad 517317
Aeromatic E-140
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For Sale
Make: TMW Mfg V3  Price: Please Email
  Model: V3 Machine is constructed of stainless steel including the base Machine comes equipped with control panel, covers, valve and platform 440 Volt Motor
Ad 517316
TMW Mfg V3
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For Sale
Make: Gallay Blender  Price: Please Call
One pre owned Gallay Mini Processing Bin Blender.  Unit comes with 1 CFT, 2 CFT, 3 CFT & 5 CFT Bins.  Stainless Steel contact parts.  
Ad 517315
Gallay Blender
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For Sale
Make: Niro MP-MICRO  Price: Contact Federal Equipment
Used Aeromatic Fielder lab fluid bed dryer/ granulator, model MP-Micro, bench top design, stainless steel enclosure with spray granulation chamber, electrically heated, 110 volt with cont ...
Ad 517250
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For Sale
Make: Quadro 197S  Price: Please Call
Description:  One pre owned Quadro 197S Comil.  Unit is constructed of Stainless Steel, on casters.  Comes with Impeller and 1 Screen
Ad 517154
Quadro 197S
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Make: Sevval SVL-120  Price: Please Call
Sevval Model SVL-120 Nut Drying Oven/Dehydrated Fruit Drying Oven Designed to air dry nuts after flavoring Designed to dehydrate dried fruit Designed to pasteurize nut ...
Ad 517087
Sevval SVL-120
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For Sale
Make: Groen TDB/7-20  Price: Please Call
Model: TDB/7-20 Serial: 239 Description: One pre owned Groen 20 Qt (5 Gallon) Electrically Heated, Stainless Steel Tilting Kettle. Machine is rated at 50 PSI @ 300 Deg F. 208 Volts, 60 Hz ...
Ad 517071
Groen TDB/7-20
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Make: Glatt GPCG30  Price: Contact Federal Equipment
Used GPCG 30 Glatt Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator stainless steel construction rated 10 bar shock protection with 65 liter and 125 liter top spray granulation bowls with e ...
Ad 516988
Glatt GPCG30
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Make: AimSizer AS-100  Price: Please Call
AS-100 Tapped Density Tester is a density measurement equipment used to measure the tapped density of powders, as well as granulated or flaked materials by standardized and ...
Ad 516939
AimSizer AS-100
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For Sale
Make: Thomas Engineering 48 S  Price: Please Call
One pre owed Thomas Engineering 48'Accela Cota.  Pan measures 48 Diameter.  Machine comes with Spray arm, Blower and a Dust Collector.
Ad 516839
Thomas Engineering 48 S

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