Paperless Validation with ProcessX

Digital Quality and Automation for Accuracy and Efficiency

Driven by a robust test automation engine, ProcessX gives you access to recent test runs in real time. Cuts test execution cycles from weeks to minutes. Automated testing scripts are executed after every release and enhancement to ensure that your organization is always audit ready. Your GxP systems stay compliant and you have access to the real-time status of each validation cycle.

ProcessX paperless validation equips your organization to: 

  • Provide evidence of software functionality using data-driven validation artifacts.
  • Reduce release management time with an automated testing platform.
  • Automate impact assessments to better measure and evaluate changes in your organization.
  • Enable Computer Software Assurance (CSA) to minimize your documentation efforts.
  • Integrate validation with your change management process to maintain compliance.
  • Accelerate your business growth with digital quality.

Trade error-prone, paper-based validation for a faster and more efficient process.

Paperless validation represents a significant shift in how life sciences organizations approach the validation of their GxP processes. By leveraging ProcessXLM, companies can transition from traditional, document-heavy validation activities to a more streamlined, digital, and automated approach.

ProcessXLM validation lifecycle management simplifies, automates and digitizes your validation process. You’re able to roll out GxP systems more efficiently and have REAL TIME visibility into all your GxP system deployments. Your Quality team has instant access to details for faster approvals. You trust that your critical GxP systems, processes, and data are continuously compliant. Moreover, you never promote or release a system before all necessary approvals are complete, thereby avoiding costly deviations.

Process Optimization for a Variety of Systems

Built by trusted industry experts, ProcessX supports digital (paperless) validation for a variety of systems, including:

Validation lifecycle management (VLM) is part of application lifecycle management (ALM) in ProcessX. It incorporates automation that eliminates the need for paper-based processes, optimizes those processes, and reduces the cost of validation for your organization. For example, ProcessX drives efficiency in:

  • Creating and approving validation plans
  • Maintaining a traceability matrix
  • Managing risk-based requirements
  • Sustaining a validated state
  • Preparing for regulatory audits
  • Establishing a single source of truth

Cloud Assurance for Vendor and Validation Management

Using its decades of experience with key software vendors and platforms, USDM Life Sciences manages the numerous and varied release schedules of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors with its Cloud Assurance managed service.

ALM and VLM in ProcessX and Cloud Assurance from USDM deliver complete validation management.

Support for the validation, change management, and updates to automated scripts and requirements can be added as managed services.

If your organization isn’t already paperless, ProcessX helps accelerate that journey. We offer training that enables your citizen developers to quickly adapt to the low-code/no-code platform, and automated validation with continuous compliance is built in. Contact us today to get started.

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