ProcessX Solutions

You maintain different systems for GxP and non-GxP data because that’s how you’ve always done it. But you need to scale fast and don’t have time to implement a validated system. IT and Quality haven’t agreed on a system because technology vendors can’t answer their detailed regulatory questions.

You’re stuck with duplicate IT systems, struggle with siloed and fragmented data, avoid complicated validation implementations, and keep pushing paper.

Does any of this sound familiar?

ProcessX leverages ServiceNow’s best-in-class workflow management platform and extends its GxP processes for IT, Quality, Manufacturing, and Post-Market Surveillance.

Paperless Validation

Imagine a cloud-based system that simplifies your validation process and keeps you audit ready. Learn how ProcessX helps establish a single source of truth.

Regulated ITSM

ProcessX, built on ServiceNow, makes it easy to manage Regulated ITSM systems. This powerful platform enables IT leaders to oversee their functional area and support their Quality counterparts.

Application Lifecycle Management

ALM helps you oversee the initial planning and development of a software application and includes tasks for requirements management, software testing, and change management.

eforms & eLogbooks

Learn how eForms and eLogbooks provide version control and audit trails, enable validation checks to minimize data-entry errors, and contribute to overall data integrity.

Digital Quality

New technologies are enabling organizations to rethink their quality processes. Learn how digital quality empowers your people, processes, and technology to achieve transformative business outcomes.

Adverse Event Intake & Triage

Increase accuracy and decrease costs with automation for adverse event (AE) intake. Despite the increase in AE case volume, it is possible to reduce the manual effort of intake, triage, data entry, and review.

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