Quality Workflows

Quality Control

Broaden your focus from strictly compliance to the people, processes and technology making it happen in your organization

Quality processes are fundamental to your regulated life sciences business. As of late, there is much ado about something called digital quality. It encompasses quality from “the way we’ve always done it” to the outcomes we long to achieve. Those outcomes may be new system implementation, process optimization . . . or a complete business transformation.

The life sciences industry has the likes of lab systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES) to help organizations understand and manage their quality processes. However, it’s the digitalization of those processes that makes leadership get up close and personal with culture change.

To help your organization reinforce quality control with digital quality, ProcessX helps you to digitalize processes and oversee them from beginning to end. Paired with USDM’s integrated GxP compliance approach, ProcessX will help you transform your facilities from paper-based quality processes to digital quality processes.

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Quality Workflows

One example of a quality workflow in ProcessX is application lifecycle management (ALM), which pulls together the phases of your process, incorporates automated testing, and sends change control records to the appropriate approver. ProcessX also offers these out of the box workflows:

  • Out of Specification (OOS)/Out of Trend (OOT) 
  • Supplier Corrective Action Request (SCAR) 
  • Non-conformance and deviation 
  • Audit Findings Response (AFR) 
  • CAPA management


Adapting to new technologies and processes tends to pull employees out of their comfort zones. But with intentional education and training to foster culture change, advantages and benefits of your chosen technologies are quickly realized. For example, using ProcessX your teams are able to:

  • Sign forms and approve submissions with Part 11 and Annex 11 eSignatures
  • Improve data integrity and compliance using automated GxP workflows
  • Leverage ONE platform for creation, execution, and approvals

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