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Compliant Citizen Development on the ProcessX Platform

Compliant Citizen Development on the ProcessX Platform

Learn how citizen development using ProcessX supports innovation and accelerates digital transformation efforts while maintaining compliance—because it’s built in.

It’s vital to maintain compliance in your GxP processes, but myriad controls for GxP solutions often hinder innovation. ProcessX empowers citizen developers with no-code development to automate processes and adhere to GxP regulations and quality standards.

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What Does the Citizen Development Journey Look Like in ProcessX?

This white paper describes six steps in establishing a citizen development program and governance framework in your organization:

  • Align Citizen Development with Your Organization’s Goals
  • Set the Foundation and Establish a Center of Excellence
  • Implement a Development Process that Supports Citizen Development
  • Expand Business Initiatives with Citizen Development
  • Achieve Continuous Compliance with Cloud Assurance
  • Use ProcessX ALM to Manage All Your GxP Projects

How to Align Citizen Development with Organizational Goals and Set KPIs

To support digital transformation with ProcessX citizen development, this white paper spells out how to achieve objectives like:

  • Reducing shadow IT
  • Improving development speed
  • Harnessing frontline innovation
  • Shifting IT resources to higher-priority projects
  • Increasing organizational intellectual property (IP)

Key performance indicators (KPIs) provide evidence that your citizen development program is achieving digital transformation goals and meeting objectives.

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Who Are Your Citizen Developers and Where Do They Get Their Skills?

Ideal candidates for citizen development are those with process expertise, are comfortable with spreadsheets, have a desire to learn no-code application development, and understand how application functionality adds value to the business.

As they get started with application development, the right tools will help citizen developers throughout their learning journey; for example:

  • Application templates
  • Performance and value metrics
  • Modular components
  • Data services

It’s important to establish a learning program that promotes consistent development standards and teaches the skills that will help citizen developers succeed, which includes opportunities for continuous learning, improvement, and assessments.

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By following guidelines and best practices, you’ll have confidence that your citizen development initiative is compliant and aligned with your organizational goals. Introduce your citizen developers to the powerful ProcessX platform—contact USDM today.

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