Managed Services

Managed Services ProcessX

Whether Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, platform services, or infrastructure, your business relies on technology being fit for purpose and managed in a controlled state. However, GxP systems are often disconnected and create gaps in regulated business processes that fail to provide the insights that could drive smarter, data-driven decisions.

ProcessX is the first step in aligning your technology and business processes.

The USDM Integrated GxP Compliance approach goes beyond the superficial cost narrative of a traditional managed service. We believe that the right managed services program should be tailored to customer needs. It must be scalable, trusted, and responsive to change.

Services Include:

  • Configuration changes: Add and remove fields, make adjustments to workflow steps, and reconfigure business rules.
  • Custom reports, notifications, and dashboards: Create and modify tools and alerts to enable faster response times for critical issues.
  • Environment management: Stay up to date on configurations, packaging management, and patch releases.
  • New-feature implementations: Get guidance on the scope, value, and impact of new features or workflows.

We provide a framework built upon two pillars: defining value and measuring value. Thus begins the journey to achieve expected—and improved—outcomes. Our quarterly business reviews help you adapt as your business implements new technologies. The framework goes beyond providing services, technology, and a compliance platform—it’s about transformational outcomes.

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