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Integrated IT Service Management (ITSM) for GxP and non-GxP Systems

Addressing GxP Needs with ProcessX

Pre-commercial or recently commercial companies benefit with a pre-configured and pre-validated ITSM for life sciences

Introduction: Navigating Complex IT Challenges in Life Sciences

In the dynamic field of life sciences, IT leaders are often confronted with the daunting task of managing two parallel IT service management systems. Non-GxP processes might utilize basic ITSM platforms or rely on external managed service providers. Conversely, GxP processes typically require robust, compliant solutions, often resorting to inefficient paper-based methods or misfit integrations into Quality Management Systems (QMS). Such setups complicate the change process and obscure visibility across the tech stack, making effective management a significant challenge.

Introducing ProcessX: A Unified ITSM Platform Built on the Robust Foundation of ServiceNow

ProcessX revolutionizes IT service management by providing an all-encompassing solution that supports both non-GxP and GxP system incidents, user access requests, changes, and more. Designed on the robust platform of ServiceNow, ProcessX ensures that workflows are not only validated but remain in a state of continuous validation with each update. This integration offers IT leaders a seamless, compliant, and efficient tool to oversee their entire system landscape.

Comprehensive Features and Benefits of ProcessX

  • Holistic System Management: By consolidating ticketing and change management into a single platform, ProcessX enables comprehensive oversight, reducing redundancies and improving response times.
  • Pre-validated GxP Workflows: ProcessX alleviates the burden of maintaining compliance by providing pre-validated workflows that adapt to regulatory changes, ensuring your systems are always audit-ready.
  • Enhanced Operational Visibility: Real-time tracking of Service Level Agreements and system statuses allows IT leaders to make informed, proactive decisions, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of the IT organization.

ProcessX’s Role in Streamlining Validation Activities

For GxP-regulated systems, ProcessX offers robust support through:

  • Structured Validation Planning and Risk Management: Adheres to industry standards such as Computer Software Assurance and GAMP, facilitating thorough and compliant validation processes.
  • Efficient Testing Capabilities: Supports both automated and manual testing to ensure comprehensive coverage and compliance.
  • On-demand Traceability and Reporting: Generates real-time traceability matrices and summary reports, simplifying documentation and audit processes.

Simplifying Non-GxP IT Management

ProcessX extends its capabilities to non-GxP systems, providing streamlined workflows that handle common IT management tasks. This simplification helps maintain and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs) effectively, ensuring consistent service quality across all IT services.

SLA dashboard

Enhancing the IT Ecosystem with Seamless Integration

ProcessX integrates flawlessly with various components of an IT ecosystem, including:

  • Test Automation and Requirements Management software
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Content Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems

This integration is pivotal for fostering an efficient, interconnected digital ecosystem, particularly critical in environments where compliance with GxP is mandatory.

Addressing the Limitations of Traditional GxP Solutions

Traditional GxP solutions often rely on outdated paper processes or require complex, costly customizations, leading to visibility gaps and heightened compliance risks. ProcessX effectively bridges these gaps with compliant workflows, automated validation libraries, and pre-configured features that incorporate industry best practices, dramatically reducing both compliance risks and operational costs.

Invitation to Transform Your IT Operations

Are you looking to streamline your IT service management, ensure enduring compliance, and enhance operational efficiency? Reach out to the ProcessX team today to discover how our comprehensive ITSM solution can revolutionize your processes. Visit our website to download an in-depth guide on implementing ProcessX in your life sciences organization, or contact us directly to start your journey towards a simplified, compliant IT ecosystem.

Unburden your teams of disparate systems to manage your IT systems and ongoing compliance maintenance. Contact the ProcessX team today to get started today.

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